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Infringement Search

Infringement Searches

Infringement Search is used to determine and measure the scope of infringement that is essential for future litigations, royalty earning purposes and licensing opportunities. We conduct infringement searches in various technology domains including electronics and communication, computer science, information technology, automobiles and mechanical technologies, chemical technologies, biotechnology, bio-medical equipments, and life sciences.

Our Best Practices

  • We understand the expensive attorney time and huge money involved in complex litigations and therefore offer strategic solutions for identifying technology standards or potential products that may be infringing your patent.
  • We mine for technical literature to identify products, systems, or services using similar invention as claimed in the subject patent.
  • We provide EOU charts and claim charts through extensive market analysis of identified products.
  • We perform infringement searches on different standards including IEEE 802, 3GPP, LTE, etc.