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State of Art Search

State of Art Search

A State of Art search is performed to assess the current trend in a specific domain. The State of the art search helps you to map latest development in the specific technology, and make strategic business decisions.

Typically, the State of Art search is performed to gather up-to-date information about current scenario /development in a specific technical field, by the companies or inventors. A State of Art search provides a comprehensive overview of the existing knowledge, technological advancements, and intellectual property landscape in a specific field. It can assist inventors, researchers, and businesses in identifying white spaces for innovation, evaluating potential patentability and freedom-to-operate issues, and making informed decisions regarding research and development strategies, patent portfolio management, and market positioning.

Our Best Practices

  • We perform State of Art Searches on various databases including patent and non-patent databases.
  • We have extensive experience in performing State of Art searches. We prepare an exhaustive search report including details of applicants, inventors, filing date, publication date, assignees, grant date etc.
  • Our report formats are extremely structured, easy to understand, and tailored as per your requirements.