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Trademark Search:

  1. Trademark Availability Seach:Before filing an application, we conduct a comprehensive search to ensure that your proposed trademark is unique and not already registered or similar to existing trademarks in India.
  1. Trademark Watch Services:Our trademark experts monitors the marks for unauthorized and potentially damaging use, across the globe, be it your Trademark or your competitors mark.
  1. Trademark Infringement Search: Our trademark experts search for any violation of your Trademark rights by monitoring a variety of sources for any counterfeit products that can possibly tarnish your brand’s image

Trademark Registration:

We prepare the trademark application and the required documents for filing at the trademark registry.

Trademark Prosecution:

After the application is filed, it undergoes a formal examination and substantive examination by the Trademark Office. The examination ensures compliance with legal requirements, such as distinctiveness and non-descriptiveness. If any objections or discrepancies are identified, the Trademark Office will issue an examination report stating the grounds for refusal or objection.

Response to Examination Report If we receive an examination report with objections, we must respond within 30 days from the date of receipt. Address the objections raised by providing suitable arguments, evidence, or amendments. Failure to respond may lead to the abandonment of the application.

Trademark Opposition:

If any third party opposes your trademark registration within the specified period, the Trademark Office will initiate opposition proceedings. Both parties will have an opportunity to present their arguments, evidence, and counterarguments.

Renewal of Trademark Application in India:

The renewal process can be initiated within six months before the expiry date of your trademark registration. It is important to renew your trademark before it expires to maintain its protection.
For filing a renewal application, one need to submit the form TM-R along with requisite documents by paying prescribed renewal fees.