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Patent Landscape Analysis

Patent Landscape Analysis

Patent landscape Search is a comprehensive search for patents in a technology domain. Looking at large sets of patent data provides a better understanding of the “big picture” to help you take informed decisions. The information gained from the patent landscape search is used to help companies develop their business plans and research and development strategies.

For example, if you are developing a new drug for fighting colon cancer, a patent landscape will show you what other drugs are already patented or are awaiting patent approval for fighting colon cancer.

Our Best Practices

  • We prepare a detailed taxonomy with respect to your business objectives.
  • We conduct an exhaustive search on patent databases to identify patents that can be classified in a technical domain
  • We prepare charts and graphs depicting trends in the particular domain over the years.
  • We provide an exhaustive search report including details of patents, taxonomy, details of assignee, inventors, filing date, publication date, legal status of patents, insights on current trends, potential inventors, and technology evolution