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Patent drafting & Prosecution

Patent Drafting

Patent drafting is a process of protecting and patenting an idea. The patent drafting process includes a process of writing the patent specification and claims that are considered to be the core of every patent application. A well-drafted patent application provides a detailed and accurate description of the invention’s technical aspects, functionality, and novelty, while also defining the scope of protection sought.

Our Best Practices

  • We prepare high-quality drafts covering each and every embodiment of the invention
  • We prepare various types of patent applications such as:

Defensive Applications

Provisional Applications

Non-Provisional Applications

Patent Prosecution

Patent prosecution includes preparing responses for Office action. The Office Action is an official letter from a patent office in which a patent examiner of the patent office makes an official communication to the patent applicant about the status of the patent application. Office Action drafting requires a thorough understanding of law, the invention, and the prior art cited by the examiner.

Office action response is prepared when examiner raises objections and rejections against an application filed in pursuance of a patent.

Patent prosecution can be a complex and iterative process that may require multiple rounds of office actions and responses. Engaging a qualified patent attorney or patent agent who is experienced in patent prosecution can significantly enhance the chances of successfully obtaining a granted patent.

We prepare a response to counter answer the examiner’s rejections and objections in order to grant of patent. The person who drafts the response to the examiner’s objections should have technical skills in the specific field of invention. We prepare responses for various jurisdictions such as US, EP, and India.